SAFF ticket holders

This page will offer you as a ticket holder for the Scottish Anarcho Folk Fest “SAFF” the possibility to get in contact with other ticket holders before the festival will start.

For example there are some people looking for carpooling, maybe anybody needs a tent. Another one needs anything whatever.

And than there is anybody who can offer…..

We will start the discussion platform at february 2022.

Use this discussion to get in contact and to build a network.

21 Replies to “SAFF ticket holders”

  1. Hello, Fin here.
    In the off chance that Liz (from Aberdeen) sees this then apologies I missed you when I left. I never got to say goodbye and ask you for a way to keep in touch. I’m trying to get in contact and don’t have your details (hopefully you also want to stay in contact). Anyway if you do see this then I’m on Instagram and Facebook as “finhobbit” and my email is “”, so please send me a message.

    If anyone other than Liz who sees this and knows Liz then please let her know I’m trying to find her.

    Fingers crossed this works! Thanks,

  2. Hello, looking for someone with a trailer or roof rack to help transport tipi poles (approx 14 foot, and 12 of them) to and from festival site.
    Coming from Rafford, just outside of Forres.
    Can offer money for fuel.
    Lift not required for me just pole transport.

  3. Hello!

    Is anyone driving from East Lothian/ Edinburgh and have space for two extra? I’m an artist and my parter Séimí is a musician and will be performing at the festival!



  4. Does anyone have a ticket for sale or are there any cancellations? Would be much appreciated Lorna

    1. Hi Lorna, last minute but I can’t make it and could pass on my ticket to you if you are still looking for one

      1. Hey Jay, I’m not entirely sure yet! It maybe Thursday eve or Friday- I’ll just be back from a long haul
        Flight and could be completely floored..but happy to accommodate if I can?

        1. hey ash – thanks so much. think earliest i could get to inverness would be midday friday though, so prob too late for you? can reach me at 07479 217787 also, might forget to check here!

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