The full line-up of events, gigs and workshops will be finalised over the coming weeks. We will let you know. The music programme is pretty much full already (we have invited many musicians who were booked for 2020 and 2021) so it is unlikely that we will be booking any more at the moment. However, musicians/artists who would like to perform, get in touch with and we let you know if we can accommodate any more. Otherwise, there we are planning sessions and an open mic for performers who are not on the festival “bill”.

So far we can present you these music events:

in alphabetical order (this list is going to be completed step by step)


Traditional european folk songs.


An Conasg

Edinburgh based folk trio rooted in the traditions of Scotland, England and Ireland. The heart of their music is the tune, the traditional or newly composed melody lovingly carried by all 3 instruments with the harmonic accompaniment of the clàrsach, rhythmic and lyrical at once.

Hamish MacDonald

Folk singer/songwriter and Scottish Slam Poetry Champion 2022 from

I will take you hunting

Scottish experimental punk. A two piece that are making hard, heavy, catchy, honest, sexy, raw, angry music with a strong punk attitude.

James Bar Bowen

Deeply rooted in punkrock culture and antifascist politics as well as folk traditions of the British Isles and beyond. Poetic and thought-provoking songs tell personal and political stories from a variety of perspectives, with an enthusiastic (and at times even optimistic) engagement with bigger social, political and philosophical ideas.

Kristin Larkin

a singer-songwriter based in Nashville. Her achingly honest compositions are ranging in style from folk to blues to classic country.

Leonieke Toering

is a musician and singer-songwriter, based in Groningen (NL).
With love and curiosity for several instruments, she plays within different musical genres, of which the most prominent is the enchanting melancholy she finds in traditional, mostly south-Italian folk music. The beautiful melodies and tragic stories about love and longing, are happily backed up by songs that will bring relief to any heart. In addition, she writes her own work: after a book of poetry, and an EP with ‘poem songs’, a musical album is bound to follow.


Singer, songsmith, writer, storyteller, smoker, performer, touring musician.

Och vey!

Seditious, subversive klezmer music from the revolutionary yiddishland of yore

Instagram  @och_vey

On the Black

Folk fusion, where French Chanson meets Scottish Trad and Jazz.

Reverend Reefer & Chris Padera

Stories about long nights and the confessions afterwards, songs about the longing for a distant place.

Shitfaced Mermaids

a punky anarchistic folk-orchestra based in the Netherlands with additional members living in Germany and Norway. All the band members sing, inviting you to dance and shout along with the songs. With inspiration from genres as folk music, balkan, punk and even sometimes metal. Smile, dance and shake your fist in the air!


writes songs for liberation, truth and humility. They want to empower people to be empathic, to think critically and to challenge the systems of domination that keep us hidden from our true selves.

The Black Elephant Band

“Raw, unpolished song miniatures with an angry on-point world view and weird humor.”

theblackelephantband, facebook, bandcamp

The Brothers Gillespie

Northumbrian duo The Brothers Gillespie sing songs of great lyrical power, animated by the sound of soaring sibling harmony, inspired guitar playing and a rich array of acoustic instruments. Their songs and performances have a rare, intimate energy that is both earthy and ethereal, romantic and radical.

The Irresistible Urges

International collective band from Edinburgh playing original poetic, political folk/blues/jazz/pop/World songs… a kaleidoscopic assortment of rhythms, instrument, voices, harmonies and personalities.

Tim Holehouse

folkpunk, grunge, emo, blues, triphop, experimental man with electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, stompbox and voice.

Tragical History Tour

Acoustic Cowpunk Bangers & Ballads.



tüül plays songs from a not-so-distant future in which wood decaying fungi have plenty to consume. With their texts they evoke images of landscapes devastated by man, where the forces of nature create new life despite all hardships. With banjo, accordion and vocals, tüül create a melancholic, carrying sound.

bandcamp, facebook, youtube

and more…