If you would like to run a workshop or discussion, or you would like to be involved in the communal food plan, contact

workshops that already are fixed for 2022


  • Intro to Anarchy
  • Ethical Consuming + Local Exchange Trading Systems
  • Anarchist Perspectives on consentual non-monogomy: Pleasure, Care and the Common
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity – Power, Privilege, Allyship and Coalition Politics
  • Sex – expectations, consent and pleasure
  • Climate Camp Scotland info session


  • Foraging
  • There is Power in Song
  • Homebrewing beer
  • Drumming
  • Dancing Solo Jazz
  • Permaculture – An Ecological Design Process
  • Life and a Living in independent Music this side and Stateside


  • Badge Making
  • Peg Doll making
  • Pottery Throwing
  • Storytelling
  • Maybe Textiles